Which is the richest biodiversity region in India?

The correct answer is Western Ghat. Western Ghat is a bio-diversity-rich place in India. Biodiversity hotspots are located only in tropical regions. India has four biodiversity hotspots, i.e., Eastern Himalayas, Western Himalayas, Western Ghats, and Andaman, and the Nicobar Islands.

Which of the regions have a rich biodiversity?

Officially, four out of the 36 Biodiversity Hotspots in the world are present in India: the Himalayas, the Western Ghats, the Indo-Burma region and the Sundaland. To these may be added the Sundarbans and the Terrai-Duar Savannah grasslands for their unique foliage and animal species.

Which state of India has highest biodiversity?


No. Name of the Site State
1 Pannivelichira Kerala
2 Asramam Kerala
3 Cashew tree at the Nombizhi LP School Kerala
4 Pathiramanal Kerala

Which of the following is rich biodiversity Hills?

Western ghats and eastern Himalayas.

Which of the following region is most rich in species?

Tropical rainforests are the richest habitat of all, tropical grasslands exhibit more diversity than temperate grasslands, and deserts in tropical or subtropical regions are populated by a wider range of species than are temperate deserts.

Which state has the highest biodiversity?

The Rankings

  • California. The richness of California’s flora makes it a biodiversity hotspot even in global comparisons. …
  • Texas. Like in California, the species richness in Texas comes from the state’s sheer size and the variety of ecosystems present. …
  • Arizona. …
  • New Mexico. …
  • Alabama.
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Which state of India has richest flora and fauna?

“Which state of India have richest source of flora and fauna.” Madhya Pradesh.

What is Indo-Burma region?

The Indo-Burma region ranks among the world’s top 10 biodiversity “hotspots”, a term which is used to describe the planet’s most biologically rich and threatened regions. The Indo-Burma Hotspot includes all non-marine parts of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, plus parts of southern China.

Which region is known as biodiversity zone in Karnataka?

Evergreen Forest-Western ghats

The State of Karnataka is a part of highly biodiversity rich regions of India. The Western Ghats of Karnataka is one of the mega biodiversities of the world. The State is endowed with great diversity of climate, topography and soil.