Can you recycle VHS cases?

The outer cases of VHS, Betamax and audio cassette tapes are indeed plastic, and at least theoretically recyclable. But you can’t just chuck the whole thing into a recycling bin. The inner tape is made of a phthalate-laden form of the plastic polyethylene, often sold under the trade name Mylar, which is not recyclable.

What to do with old VHS cases?

Yes, VHS tapes are recyclable. You can recycle them with specialist VHS tape recycling services like GreenCitizen, though there will normally be a fee. You could also choose to send them to a waste-to-energy incineration recycling plant where they will be burned to produce green energy.

Are video cases recyclable?

Because video tapes do contain quite a bit of recyclable plastic, they shouldn’t just be tossed in a landfill. However, most recycling centers will not accept the tapes as is. You can ship them to a company that will recycle them for you, but that can get very pricey.

How do you dispose of VHS tapes?

Unwanted VHS tapes belong in the garbage. If they are still in good shape, try donating them to a local charity.

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What parts of a VHS tape can be recycled?

The casing on VHS tapes is mostly made of No. 5 plastic or polypropylene, which can be recycled. The inside, on the other hand, is mylar tape, made of No. 1 plastic, which is coated in an assortment of metals that are not so easy to recycle.

Who will take VHS movies?

Drop off old VHS tapes to a Goodwill, Salvation Army or St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop. Donating unwanted items like these tapes extends their lifespans.

What can you do with tapes?

What To Do With Your Old Tape Cassettes

  1. Recycling Tape Cassettes. Tape cassettes are extremely difficult to dispose of because of the type of plastic that composes the shell. …
  2. Donate or Resell Your Cassettes. …
  3. Use Tape Cassettes in DIY Projects. …
  4. Digitize Your Tape Cassettes.

Should I throw away VHS tapes?

You really shouldn’t throw them in the trash because VHS and Betamax tapes are considered magnetic media. The tape can be coated in harmful metals like Chromium, and shouldn’t end up in a landfill.

How do you dispose of VHS cases UK?

You may be able to donate them to a local charity shop, but this is getting quite rare now. Please check with the shop before donating as most shops no longer accept videotapes and cassettes. If they don’t sell cassettes (or don’t realise that they are now collectable) they will simply put them in the bin.

Can you recycle VHS cases UK?

So, if you can’t give them away or sell them, can VHS tapes be recycled? In short, no, they can’t.

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Are VHS tapes recyclable in NYC?

Cassette and VHS tapes. Pens and markers (any material) Disposable razors. 3-ring binders (though if the metal rings are separate, they can be recycled)

How do I dispose of old VHS tapes UK 2020?

A company called Tip Top Media currently accepts old tapes for disposal but there may be a charge for this so please contact them for more information. VHS tapes and cassettes are now rarely accepted at recycling centres and charity shops and are generally sent to landfill.