Best answer: How do I get the Recycle Bin icon back on my desktop?

How do I restore the Recycle Bin icon on my desktop?

Re-Enable the Recycle Bin Desktop Icon (Windows 10/8/7)

  1. Right-click anywhere on your desktop.
  2. Select the Personalize option.
  3. Switch to the Themes tab and click Desktop icon settings under Related Settings.
  4. Make sure the box next to “Recycle Bin” is ticked and click Apply and OK.

How do I show the Recycle Bin on my desktop?

Find the Recycle Bin

  1. Select Start > Settings > Personalization > Themes > Desktop icon settings.
  2. Make sure the check box for Recycle Bin is checked, then select OK. You should see the icon displayed on your desktop.

How do I restore Recycle Bin in Windows 10?

Open the Recycle Bin by right-clicking its icon. Select Open from the menu to view deleted files. Check the box to the left of the filename you want to restore. Right-click on a selected file and choose ‘Restore’ to recover the file to its original location on Windows 10.

How do I restore Recycle Bin Shortcut?

How to Restore the Recycle Bin Icon in Windows 10

  1. Select the Start button, then select Settings. Or, right-click on the desktop and choose Personalize.
  2. Select Personalization > Themes > Desktop icon settings.
  3. Select the Recycle Bin checkbox > Apply.
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Why are my desktop icons not showing?

Make sure you have enabled the “Show desktop icon” feature on Windows 10: Right-click your desktop, click View, and check Show desktop icons. Check to see if your desktop icons are back.

How do I restore the Recycle Bin icon in Windows 7?

1) Right-click anywhere on the Windows 7 Desktop.

  1. 2) Click on Personalize from the short cut menu.
  2. 3) Click on the link – Change desktop icons.
  3. 4)At the Desktop Icon Settings, place a tick next to: ‘Recycle Bin’. Your deleted recycle bin should now reappear on the Windows 7 desktop.

Where is the Recycle Bin folder?

The Recycle Bin is a special set of folders that are located in a hidden folder or file (C:$Recycle. Bin for modern versions of Windows, C:recycler for Windows XP and older versions).

Why did my Recycle Bin disappeared?

In the vast majority of cases, only the Recycle Bin icon is missing from your desktop. You might have removed the icon on purpose or by accident. Windows updates that make changes to your Windows settings can also cause the Recycle Bin to suddenly disappear from the desktop.

Where do restored Recycle Bin files go?

When you restore files deleted from the Recycle Bin, they will appear in their original location in the folder from which they were deleted. The “Original Location” column in the Recycle Bin shows this location.