Frequent question: Which ecosystem has more productivity in an unit area?

The world’s ecosystems vary tremendously in productivity, as illustrated in the following figures. In terms of NPP per unit area, the most productive systems are estuaries, swamps and marshes, tropical rain forests, and temperate rain forests (see Figure 4).

What ecosystem has the highest productivity?

Tropical rainforests show the highest productivity in terrestrial ecosystems.

Which of the following ecosystems have more productivity in an unit area?

In the aquatic ecosystem, coral reefs show the highest gross primary productivity.

Which productivity is the highest productivity?

The highest net primary productivity in terrestrial environments occurs in swamps and marshes and tropical rainforests; the lowest occurs in deserts.

What ecosystems have the least amount of productivity per unit area?

What ecosystems have the least amount of productivity per unit area? Tundras, the open ocean, desert scrubs, and the extreme desert. What ecosystems are the most productive in the world? The open ocean and tropical/temperate rain forests.

Which ecosystem has highest productivity Upsc?

Tropical rainforest have highest primary productivity and is least in desert.

Which ecosystem has least productivity?

-Oceans contain lots of nutrients but they have no sufficient sunlight reaching in the deep areas, therefore, oceans have the least productivity among all ecosystems.

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Which biome has the highest primary productivity per unit area?

As you might expect, the terrestrial biome with the highest level of primary productivity is the tropical rainforest biome with around 2,200 grams of biomass per square meter per year.