What makes the Antarctic seas some of the most productive marine ecosystems?

Antarctic seas are extremely productive because phytoplankton grows abundantly during the extended daylight of summer and feeds huge populations of krill. Krill, shrimplike crustaceans, are a key animal in this ecosystem, as food for top predators: whales, penguins, and seals.

Why are the most productive marine ecosystems found in cold temperate regions?

why are the most productive marine ecosystems found in cold, temperature regions? they have less overall sunlight, but receive far more nutrients.

Which is the most productive zone in the Arctic quizlet?

Where and when do you find the most productivity in the Arctic? along the North Pacific and North Atlantic from April to August. What makes the Antarctic seas some of the most pro- ductive marine ecosystems? rich, deep water surfaces to create the largest nutri- ent-rich area on Earth.

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Why are coastal ecosystems generally highly productive?

Coastal ecosystems are generally highly productive because they benefit from nutrients in runoff water and they’re shallow, providing ample light and shelter because plants can grow in many coastal ecosystems.

What marine ecosystem is thought by most scientists to be the most taxonomically diverse?

Coral reefs are particularly important in this regard, as they are the most structurally complex and taxonomically diverse marine ecosystems, providing habitat for tens of thousands of associated fishes and invertebrates.

What is the most productive marine environments and why are they so productive?

Upwelling. The most productive waters of the world are in regions of upwelling. Upwelling in coastal waters brings nutrients toward the surface. Phytoplankton reproduce rapidly in these conditions, and grazing zooplankton also multiply and provide abundant food supplies for nekton.

What are some very productive marine environments and why are they so productive?

The proximity to land and its nutrient sources, the interception of sinking organic matter by the shallow seafloor, and the propensity for coastal upwelling all result in highly productive ecosystems.

Which marine ecosystem is the most productive on earth?

Coral reefs are among the most productive ecosystems on the planet, with the primary producers at the base of the food chain (including corals) supporting their complex food webs.

Why are the North Atlantic North Pacific and Antarctic waters the most productive?

Why are the North Atlantic, North Pacific, and Antarctic waters the most productive? Those waters are the most violently mixed, bringing up nutrients from the depths of the ocean. Cold water holds the most dissolved oxygen and can therefore support greater numbers of phytoplankton.

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Which best describes how marine ecosystems are so unique?

Which best describes how marine ecosystems are so unique? Marine ecosystems rely on many different abiotic and biotic factors like dissolved gases and phytoplankton for survival. Why is productivity greatest near the ocean’s surface? Sunlight penetrates the top layers of the ocean, so photosynthesis occurs there.

Why are coastal zones productive quizlet?

Coastal wetlands are coastal land areas covered with water all or part of the year. They are some of the earth’s most productive ecosystems because of high nutrient inputs from rivers and from adjoining land, rapid circulation of nutrients by tidal flows, and ample sunlight penetrating the shallow waters.

What factors contribute to the productivity of estuaries?

Estuaries are very biologically productive. The salinity gradient and the changes in tides, fresh water and accompanying flux in nutrients within estuaries create a variety of habitats that support a diverse food web.

What organism is the main producer in freshwater ecosystems?

The main producers of a freshwater biome are the plants and algae. When energy enters the ecosystem as sunlight, plants and algae capture the sunlight and store it as food energy.

Why are marine ecosystems important to the environment?

Healthy marine ecosystems are important for society since they provide services including food security, feed for livestock , raw materials for medicines, building materials from coral rock and sand, and natural defenses against hazards such as coastal erosion and inundation.

What are the main ecosystem services provided by the marine environment?

Recreation, tourism and water transport are familiar services provided by many marine ecosystems. Some unique estuarine, coastal, and marine habitats are also important stores of genetic material and have educational and scientific research value as well.

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What are some ecosystem services provided by the ocean?

Ocean Ecosystem Goods and Services at Risk:

aesthetic; and spiritual. The ocean supports economic activity, including jobs, fisheries, food, marine transportation, trade, fuel, and energy. The ocean supports nutrient cycling and primary production.