What is wildlife conservation meaning?

What is the meaning of wildlife conservation?

Wildlife conservation is the practice of protecting plant and animal species and their habitats. As part of the world’s ecosystems, wildlife provides balance and stability to nature’s processes. … This means natural resources are being consumed faster than ever by the billions of people on the planet.

Why is wildlife conservation important?

Wildlife conservation is very important because wildlife and wilderness play an important role in maintaining the ecological balance and contribute to human quality of life. … By conserving the wildlife and forest we are ensuring that all diverse species in an area survive, breed and flourish.

What is wildlife conservation in India?

Wildlife conservation refers to a method of protecting the wild species and their natural habitat from the threats like poaching, smuggling, killing etc. Through their protection, we can ultimately enhance, protect or restore our vulnerable ecosystem.

What are the types of wildlife conservation?

Conservation can broadly be divided into two types:

  • In-situ: Conservation of habitats, species and ecosystems where they naturally occur. …
  • Ex-situ: The conservation of elements of biodiversity out of the context of their natural habitats is referred to as ex-situ conservation. …
  • Hotspots of biodiversity.
  • Threatened Species.
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What is wildlife conservation Slideshare?

WILDLIFE CONSERVATION DEFINED  Wildlife protection act started in 1972  Wildlife conservation is the protection of species and habitats of animals.  The banning of hunting seasons for endangered or threatened species.

What is conservation of forest and wildlife?

Conservation of forests

Conservation refers to preservation and management of plant and animal species to protect them from being extinct. Forests can be conserved by maintaining biosphere reserves, wild life sanctuaries and national parks zoological parks and botanical gardens.

Who started wildlife conservation?

The first inductee, Theodore Roosevelt, established the U.S. Forest Service, the nation’s first national wildlife refuges, three national parks, and dozens of national monuments. Twelve months later, John Muir, Aldo Leopold, and J.N. “Ding” Darling joined President Roosevelt in the Hall of Fame.

What are the two main aims of wildlife conservation?

Wildlife conservation aims at :

  • Maintaining healthy wildlife populations.
  • Maintaining the number of animals in balance with their habitats.
  • Keeping track of current habitat conditions and breeding populations.
  • preventing total extinction of species.

How is wildlife endangered in India what is wildlife conservation?

Because of deforestation and other human activity wild animals lost their habitat and reached at risk of become extinct. Indian is losing their animals due to Environmental pollution, deforestation,loss of habitat, human interference, poaching and hunting.

What is conservation of Forest and wildlife in India?

Conservation of Forest and Wildlife in India

This act provided several provisions for protecting habitats. The primary agenda of the programme was to protect the remaining population of certain endangered species by banning hunting, giving legal protection to their habitats, and restricting trade in wildlife.

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What is wildlife conservation PDF?

Wildlife conservation is referred to as the process by which the animal and plant species are protected in their. natural habitats. The main aim of wildlife conservation is to ensure protection of the wildlife and preservation. of the nature and natural habitats for humans as well as wildlife.

What can we do for wildlife conservation?

3)More National Parks and Sanctuaries should be built throughout the country to protect the natural environments of wild animals and birds. 4) The Department of Government should conduct a wildlife conservation survey in all forests on a regular basis.

What is called conservation?

Conservation is the act of protecting Earth’s natural resources for current and future generations.

How is wildlife conservation done?

In the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, GOI created Protected Areas like National Parks, Sanctuaries, Conservation Reserves and Community Reserves for the wildlife and imposed punishments on those indulged in illegal act of hunting.