What is biodiversity conservation programs?

The Biodiversity Conservation Program consists of: Strategies to achieve the objectives of the program in relation to each threatened species and threatened ecological community. The framework to guide the setting of priorities for implementing the strategies.

What is a biodiversity program?

The Biodiversity Program collaborates with partners on nature conservation strategies and policies. We facilitate restoration and stewardship of our wildlands and wildlife habitats, and educate the public about our living natural heritage and local ecological stewardship opportunities.

What is meant by Biodiversity Conservation?

Biodiversity conservation, the practice of protecting and preserving the wealth and variety of species, habitats, ecosystems, and genetic diversity on the planet, is important for our health, wealth, food, fuel, and services we depend on.

What is the main aim of conservation of biodiversity?

The aim of the convention is to save species and plants from extinction and their habitats from destruction. The developed countries are looking for a sustainable supply of biological resources from the developing countries and easy access to them as well.

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What are the types of conservation of biodiversity?

Types of Biodiversity Conservation

  • Genetic Diversity. Genetic diversity encompasses all the variety of different genetic information contained in animals, microorganisms and plants. …
  • Species Diversity. Species diversity refers to the variety of organisms in the environment. …
  • Ecosystem Diversity. …
  • Global Diversity.

Who made biodiversity program?

Convention on Biological Diversity

Effective 29 December 1993
Condition Ratification by 30 States
Parties show 196 States
Depositary Secretary-General of the United Nations
Full text

What is the purpose of a Biodiversity Action Plan?

A Biodiversity Action Plan gives an overview of species and habitat in a particular area, identifies threats and sets out steps to be taken to protect and improve the area to preserve and enhance its biodiversity for the future. A BAP is a valuable way of targeting conservation at a local level.

What do you mean by conservation of biodiversity Wikipedia?

Biodiversity is the biological variety and variability of life on Earth. Biodiversity is a measure of variation at the genetic, species, and ecosystem level. … It encompasses the evolutionary, ecological, and cultural processes that sustain life. Rapid environmental changes typically cause mass extinctions.

What is biodiversity conservation class 12?

Biodiversity can be defined as the occurrence of different types of genes, gene pools, species, habitats and ecosystem in a given region. (i) The term biodiversity was given by a socio biologist Edward Wilson to describe the combined diversity at all the levels of biological organisation.

Why should we conserve biodiversity short answer?

Plants and animals depend on each other in order to survive, therefore the destruction of one would affect the life of the other. Hence, we should conserve biodiversity to prevent these species to become extinct and to maintain a balance in the nature.

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What is the main purpose of conservation?

Our environment comprises many natural resources which plays a significant role and cannot be developed artificially. Hence the main aim of conservation is to preserve the natural resources, forests, wildlife, plants and biodiversity.

What is conservation types of conservation?

Conservation can broadly be divided into two types: In-situ: Conservation of habitats, species and ecosystems where they naturally occur. … Ex-situ: The conservation of elements of biodiversity out of the context of their natural habitats is referred to as ex-situ conservation.

What are the 4 types of conservation?

What are the 4 types of conservation?

  • Environmental Conservation.
  • Animal conservation.
  • Marine Conservation.
  • Human Conservation.

What are examples of conservation?

An example of conservation is an attempt to minimize the amount of electricity you use by turning off lights when you leave a room. The protection, preservation, management, or restoration of wildlife and of natural resources such as forests, soil, and water.