What are the structural and functional attributes of an ecosystem?

It has both structure and functions. The structure is related to species diversity. The more complex is the structure the greater is the diversity of the species in the ecosystem. The functions of ecosystem are related to the flow of energy and cycling of materials through structural components of the ecosystem.

What are the structural attributes of ecosystem?

The structure of the ecosystem includes the organisms and physical features of the environment, including the amount and distribution of nutrients in a particular habitat. It also provides information regarding the climatic conditions of that area.

What are the functional attributes of an ecosystem?

Step by step answer:An Ecosystem contains four functional aspects for its maintenance. These are biogeochemical cycles, energy flow, nutrient cycle, etc. Other important functional attributes are ecological succession, ecological pyramid, food web, and food chain.

Which of the following is a functional aspect of ecosystem?

“Which of the following is a functional aspect of ecosystem?” Species composition, amount of inorganic nutrients and topography are structural aspects of ecosystem.

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What is ecosystem and structure of ecosystem?

Ecosystem : An ecosystem is a geographical area where plants, animals, bacteria and other organisms live together and perform various functions. Ecosystem describes the relation between the biotic (living) and abiotic (non living) components. Structure of the ecosystem: Ecosystems consist of the two components.

What are the two main structural features of ecosystem?

Species composition and stratification are the two main structural features of an ecosystem.

What are the three attributes of an ecosystem?

The three fundamental characteristics of an ecosystem are: It is a primary structural and functional unit of ecology. The structure of an ecosystem is related to its species diversity. The function of the ecosystem is related to energy flow and cycling of nutrients through and within the system.

Which of the following pairs represents the functional aspects of ecosystem?

our important functional aspects of the ecosystem are productivity, decomposition, energy flow and nutrient cycling.

Which of the following is not the functional aspect of ecosystem?

Remember, Stratification is not a function of ecosystem and is defined as the vertical layering of a habitat (the arrangement of vegetation in layers). It classifies vegetation layers largely according to the difference in heights of plant growths.

Which of the following functional components occur in all natural ecosystems?

Ecosystem composed of biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) component. Biotic component includes producers, consumers and detritivores. The producers and detritivores are absolutely essential functional component of the ecosystem.